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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are future growing points for your theory?

A. As you might notice, the proposed theory is called conceptual. Additional details explaining mechanisms of brain's highest functions and dysfunctions are needed. These details should come in the form of simplified computational analogies of the described concepts and the analogies ought to be obtained by utilizing strategy of synthesis. The latter implies recreating the whole simplified controlling system that includes corresponding simplified functional blocks.

Q. What are your research plans?

A. It depends on financial support of my research. Computational experiments (for example, described in the previous answer) require a lot of work that can be performed by a big team only. Presently, I do not have this kind of financial support. Therefore, I downsized my research to explaining mechanisms of parkinsonian motor symptoms. If I could find a place that would be willing to dedicate substantial financial resources to this research, my plans might be more global.

Q. From theoretical standpoint, is it possible to cure neurodegenerative disorders like, for example, Parkinson's disease by using stem cells?

A. At present stage of neurotransplantation development, it is not possible. The major problem is the following. A transplanted cell should have a knowledge of how to make correct connections with the surrounding neurons in an adult brain. The knowledge that it has is about making proper connections in a developing brain, that is, during embryogenesis. This is not the same. Theoretical analysis of neurotransplantation approach to cure neurodegenerative disorders can be found in my recent publication (Baev et al., 2002). I plan to include neurotransplantation section in this web site in the nearest future.

Q. Is your theory applicable to other brain disorders?

A. Yes it is applicable. See New Brain Concept.

Q. Where can I buy your book?

A. I know that has it. Click here, if you want to go to Other internet book stores are also selling my book. You can use any search engine to find those stores. 

Q. Could you give me an  example of a simple NOCS so I can better understand what actually NOCS means?

A. Click the link Example 1 on New Brain Concept page. It is located on the top of the page.